The Monte Jade Innovation Competition (MJIC)

Sponsored by Monte Jade Science and Technology Association Southeastern U.S. (Monte Jade SE), the Monte Jade Innovation Competition (MJIC) Program promotes innovation among college and graduate students in the fields of science and technology.

The main objective of this Innovation Competition Program is to provide an opportunity for students to foster their creativity, communication and critical thinking skills, and to prepare them for entrepreneurship.

In 2019, the MJIC Program consists of two categories: 1) General, and 2) Sponsor-specified.

Each category will award up to five prizes. The first-prize winner will receive $3,000, the second-prize winner will receive $2,000, and the third-prize winner will receive $1,000. Each category may also award multiple honorable mentions prize winners, each will receive $500.


The MJIC is open to students who are registered at any college or university in the United States. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Individual or team (up to three members) submissions are allowed.

The applicant must be a student member of Monte Jade SE. Otherwise, the applicant must join the Monte Jade SE’s student membership prior to completing the MJIC application.

Family members of the MJIC judging team are not eligible to apply.


The topics for 2019 categories are "Concept Product" for the general category, and “Future Tires” for the sponsor-specified category. Any solution for a real-world problem may be submitted as a concept product for MJIC. For example, a new hardware, software, process, design or method, with a full description how it may address the issue. “Future Tires” topic seeks for innovative ideas about the tires of the future. For example, air-less tires, smart tires, deformable tires, and etc.


  1. Each person or team may submit only one application per topic.
  2. Each team may consist of up to three student members.
  3. Submission cannot simply be a school project. Parts of the submission may be inspired by a previous academic work, but the creative and innovative aspects of the submission must be entirely new. Any previous academic work used in this submission must be identified in the submission.
  4. Proposal submitted cannot have been previously published or publicly disclosed.
  5. Software, hardware, and prototypes are accepted and encouraged but are not required to show creative, innovative, and inventive concepts.
  6. Applicants found to have committed copyright, patent, or intellectual property infringement will be disqualified immediately with no exception. It is the responsibility of the applicant to perform the requisite literature and intellectual property reviews to ensure compliance with copyright, patent, and intellectual property laws. Applicants found to have infringed on the intellectual property rights of a third party will forfeit any prize or award received from the Monte Jade Innovation Competition.


The MJIC schedule below outlines key dates for the submission process. Following the Round #1 Registration/Proposal acceptance, contestants will have time to fully develop the innovation proposals and submit them before the Submission deadline (Round #2).

Process Schedule
Start Accepting Registration w/Proposal

Feb 15, 2019
Registration/Proposal Deadline (Round #1) May 31, 2019
Proposal Acceptance Announcement May 5-Jun 15, 2019
Innovation Submission Deadline (Round #2) Aug 15, 2019
Notification for Finalists Sep 10, 2019
Finalists Presentation Date (Round #3)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Oct 5, 2019
Winner Announcement Oct 10, 2019
Award Ceremony

Location: Hilton Atlanta Northeast, Georgia

Nov 2, 2019


To Be Included in the Proposal (Round #1)

  1. Value Proposition - Background information specifying the principal or ideation of the innovation.
  2. State of Market – Summary of Current Solution.
  3. Concepts and Realization - A description of the idea and the proposed solution.
  4. Claims – A brief discussion of how the proposed solution addresses the problem and how it may be implemented.

Once a proposal is accepted by MJIC, the applicant will be notified to proceed to Round #2.

To Be Included in the Invention Submission (Round #2)

  1. A video (three to five minutes) that outlines the proposed solution.
  2. A paper (up to five pages, double-spaced with descriptions, components, schematics, or figures with citations.)
  3. Optional: Prototype/demo/physical model/software solution are not required but can be included in the submission to better present the proposed solution and to help explain how it works.

The MJIC judging team will review the submitted materials and recommend a list of finalists, who will then proceed to Round #3.

Finalist Presentation (Round #3)

The finalists are required to present their innovation to the MJIC judging team at the finalist presentation event. Each presentation can be scheduled for up to 20 minutes. Finalists can choose their presentation format (online or in person) and notify the MJIC judging committee of the format to be used at the time that the presentation is scheduled. The presentation cannot be just a verbal representation of the material submitted in Round #2. The presentation shall further elaborate and explain the ideas and solutions, as well as the value and potential impact to the society, as outlined in the judging criteria.

Presenters are responsible for their own transportation and any associated travel cost.

The MJIC judging team will choose the winners from among the finalists.


Concept Products

1st Place $3,000

2nd Place $2,000

3rd Place $1,000

Honorable Mentions $500

Future Tires

1st Place $3,000

2nd Place $2,000

3rd Place $1,000

Honorable Mentions $500

Winners will be offered the opportunities to receive mentorship, career consultation or other services as they become available in addition to the prizes.

The first-prize winner will also have the option of filing a provisional patent application for the concept product without any cost. The provisional patent application will be filed by Wang Law Firm with the disclosure material provided by the winner, and the filing fee will be paid by Monte Jade SE. The provisional patent application is effective only for one year, allowing the winner time to seek additional support and funding if appropriate.

Judging Criteria


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